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Re: Image comments for what really happened
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 05/12/2009 07:05PM
Since I'm sure you really believe that Wolfie unless you have a government job (which have expanded by 7,000 under the current admin. in less than a year!) I gotta ask ya what the hell you think Obama's done for this country that's worth mentioning?

Since no one can say for sure I can only speculate that if McCain/Palin had made it in we : Wouldn't have seen any "I'll belittle the American people while kissing the rest of the worlds ass" tours, the Russians would have at least shown him the respect a US President is due, it's also unlikey the US Govt. would have become major share holders of GM or Chrysler, we wouldn't have had a 3 month gap between when McChrystal asked for the additional troops and when the President actually decided to make a call and finally agree to send them, much less would we have given the Taliban a time frame to wait things out before we decide to pull out the troops so they can just step up their shit again afterwards, we likely wouldn't have rushed $1.5 trillion worth of unexplained bailouts through congress lined with enough pork to fully fund several smaller nations, nor would the congress be expecting to pass healthcare legislation to drop us another $ trillion worth into deeper debt at the worst possible point in the history of our country financially.

These are just guesses, but I feel pretty strongly that none of the above would have occurred winking smiley

smoking smiley

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