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Re: Image comments for Me & my wife backstage with Kansas
Posted by: BlahX3
Date: 19/07/2006 10:59PM
Festus - Oh yeah, I almost forgot, my wife also kneed him in the nuts for calling me a moron (she's a keeper, I tell ya!). I guess that's why he was playing guitar a little hunched over with his knees together all night. Or maybe it was a leak in that plexiglass enclosed mega-speaker area hooked up to his amp that was startin' to give him the squirts. Hard to tell.

The guy that isn't in this pic was the fat hippie violinist/singer mofo who kept running back stage in the middle of songs, either to take a shit or snort some more coke (again, not sure) but at one point security ran back there after him. My guess is coke, but it coulda been both. The food at Chinook Winds ain't all that great.

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