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Re: Image comments for trash yer car
Posted by: Mrkim
Date: 26/05/2006 10:40PM
Actually me_one, I've owned 2 Eclipses and 2 Eagle Talons, and still own a Talon and hafta say they are some of the best cars out of the near 40 different cars I've owned in the past.

The Eclipse I mentioned was an inherited one from a customer who found it was gonna be too much to repair it, so he just left it with me. I stripped it to the bone and then took it out behind the building and had some malicious fun with it :>winking smiley

I stabbed it through the roof with our big forklift, tilted back & picked it up about 10' off the ground and tilted forward and watched it fall :>winking smiley Flipped it over a few times, picked it up to full lift and shook it off the forks just to watch it crash, then hit it at full speed with the forks and speared it all the way through, and finally bashed it all to pieces using the counterweight end of the lift as a battering ram. Since I didn have a title to it, we then stripped it of all the ID tags (to keep the actual owner from getting in any trouble) and dropped it late at night in front of the gates of a scrap yard. It mysteriously disappeared the next morning.

Like I said .... good times :>winking smiley

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