Downtime and servers and bears, oh my!

Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (96.39.185.---)
Date: May 10, 2013 11:06AM
There was the pic of the girl with big tits and titled My New iPhone (or close to that) that vanished and another pic I think. I can't imaging it being pulled unless someone found the iPhone offensive.

Those kinds of problems are a royal PITA. It's always nicer when you can figure out what the heck went wrong. I've had issues in the past with multiple NICs too. Different NOS but as I recall the fault was in some updated code or driver I had to backrev to fix.

That looks like a pretty neat product Quasi.
Posted by: DarkKlown [x] - (Moderator)
Date: June 03, 2013 09:59PM
BlahX3. Your description of the image makes me think it was deleted. If you want selfies of chicks with big tits most likely it should be on the other side.

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Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (96.39.185.---)
Date: June 03, 2013 11:57PM
Ok, I will refrain from saying, well duh! Oh shit! I said it anyway! Dang. It isn't about me wanting selfies with tits and I know how to get to them, just that there were two pics that were in the gallery for a short period of time and then disappeared the same day or the next day. They weren't objectionable, no nudey stuff or anything. It was puzzling is all, like maybe something farted or belched on a server. That's all, an FYI alert.
Posted by: quasi [x] - (108.112.81.---)
Date: June 04, 2013 05:09AM
Emily Post says that if your server farts or belches you don't have to tip.
Posted by: BlahX3 [x] - (96.39.185.---)
Date: June 04, 2013 01:06PM
That's funny. I searched a few Emily Post sites and found no references to that.
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