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no way to treat a binder

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no way to treat a binder

Comments for: no way to treat a binder
quasi Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 07:00PM

This just irritates me, Somebody worked really hard to restore this truck to like new condition then it gets treated like this. Idiot.
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 09:32PM


I've been around cars all my life and thought I knew just about everything there is to know about 'em, but you've got to help me out with this one.

Just what the hell is a "Binder" for Christ's sake?
pro_junior Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 09:58PM

Corn Binder spinning
smiley sticking its tongue out
90130_ Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 09:58PM

Ah, I get it now.

The term "Binder" comes from their Agriculture equipment background, according to a website I just checked out. Apparently from harvesting machines that used twine to "BIND" crops into sheaves.

quasi Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 10:17PM

International Harvester started out making farming equipment then also began building trucks, and did so up until it became Navistar and the farming equipment manufacturing side joined up with longtime rival Case to form Case-International while the trucks continued production at International Truck and Engine. Anyway, a cornbinder is a piece of farming equipment, and sometime long ago someone began jokingly refering to the trucks built by the farm equipment manufacturer as cornbinders, which was eventually shortened to binder.

FYI, International recently signed a contract with the U.S. Army for something like $1.8 billion to supply trucks and parts for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The trucks are based on the 7000 series and there will be numerous varients basically doing the same thing these binders do at home, hauling lots of stuff wherever it needs to go. Let's do some rebuilding, boys & girls.
quasi Report This Comment
Date: August 03, 2008 10:20PM

OK, while I was jumping back & forth between the computer trying to write my last post and work on some other things, y'all got ahead of me. Oh well, now ya know.
Anonymous Report This Comment
Date: August 04, 2008 04:58AM

I play a game online called AirRivals and the armor we put on our aircraft is sometimes called a binder. I've never understood why.
FrostedApe Report This Comment
Date: June 06, 2009 01:15PM

During WWII, just about any business with a machine shop was co-opted into producing M-1 rifles for the war effort. One of my friends has one with an IH logo stamped on the receiver. I think the most unlikely one I've ever seen was made by the Singer sewing machine company.