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Oldest Man Made Structure on Earth discovered in South Africa 2003

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Oldest Man Made Structure on Earth discovered in South Africa 2003

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Date: August 27, 2012 10:31AM

A stone calendar that is apparently older than 75 000 years has been discovered in Mpumalanga. Adam's Calendar - as it has been named by the two South Africans who discovered the find - is reportedly the oldest man-made structure on Earth...Heine, who is a firefighting pilot, discovered the circular structur
e of stones, which lies at the tip of a mountain in Mpumalanga, when he was searching for a colleague's plane, which went down near the site in 2003. Immediately he noticed strange-looking stone monoliths which looked out of place in the area.
Heine invited Tellinger, a maverick scientist who caused controversy with his latest book, Slave Species of God, to study the monoliths.
Tellinger believes that the site ties up with an era when human beings first started painting in caves and started their migration into Europe and Asia from Africa between 60 000 and 70 000 years ago.
"We have evidence of early human consciousness through cave paintings, but what about their lives" Tellinger asked. "This has been overlooked by historians, and we believe that stone structures which lie all across Southern Africa are the earliest human structures ever made."
Tellinger said that once the world begins to hear of Adam's Calendar, SA could become the new Egypt, where archaeologists and astrologers will come to do research into a whole new period of human development. He said they dated the rocks in several ways to come to the conclusion the stones were moved there 75 000 years ago.
"The most conclusive is the geology report, which proves without doubt that the rocks were both moved there from a few kilometers away and were worked with human hands."The monoliths are dolomite while the bedrock is black reef cordite, said Tellinger. "There are also clear grooves, which someone has obviously carved onto the rock."
Heine and Tellinger found that the monoliths were placed into exact geometrical alignments and lined up exactly with north, south, east and west...based on the rise of Orion and suggested an age of at least 75,000 years. This is the reason why we used this age on the cover of our book – Adam’s Calendar. The most recent calculation in June 2009 suggests an age of at least 160,000 years, also based on the rise of Orion, flat on the horizon.
The Sumerian tablets tell us that this was
a special place of observation built by ENKI in the deep ABZU
(South Africa) around 260,000 years ago.
Before the ADAMU was created."